An Homage to Pink Skies

In the last moments before the sun sets, if conditions are just right, you might get to experience my favourite thing: A pink sky and clouds. I went through the pictures shot these past two years and reminisced about my experiences, I hope you enjoy.


January 2017

This picture is on the south coast of New Zealands north Island, just outside of its capital Wellington. I spent a few days relaxing in the city but I was beginning to miss an adventure, so one evening I took a bus to the final stop - I walked around for a bit with a set mind to enjoy a beer in the setting sun and when I came across these beautiful rocks out in the water I knew I had found my spot. After the sun set, these amazing clouds rolled in from the east, lighting up the sky.



March 2017

As the tallest mountain in New Zealand, Mt. Cook is quite a sight. At the time I was travelling around the country with fellow photographer Grant, and after a hike up the Hooker Lake trail we had to run back to this spot in order to catch the setting sun falling on the mountain. We didn’t quite make it, but the way the sky turned rose moments after made us forget all about it.



March 2017

This iconic mountain on the north island of New Zealand is one most have seen in countless pictures, so of course I had to go. I stayed at a small hut near the Pouakai Tarns and at sunset I went to look at the mountain. At one point these two showed up, and seeing them enjoy the experience like this I had to get a picture. Sadly, I never worked up the courage to show them.



May 2017

I spend a lot of time walking the streets of my hometown Copenhagen, taking pictures. One of my favourite areas is the bridge of Queen Louise, connecting the inner city to Nørrebro. It’s a lovely spot to sit and watch the sunset and on this particular day it was especially wonderful.



August 2017

Just about everyone is familiar with Yosemite National Park. The iconic granite giant that is Half Dome towering over the valley is a sight I will not soon forget. This picture is shot from the Glacier Point lookout after sunset. I actually walked all the way up from the valley which took me a few hours and was prepared to walk down again in the dark, but luckily I was picked up by a car going down.



January 2018

Winter in Denmark is quite bittersweet for me. I love cold weather and especially snow, but having 6 hours of daylight is really exhausting, especially if you’re working a full time job. I go on trips with my dad sometimes in the weekend, and on this Sunday it was particularly cold. The sun set and the Eastern sky lit up in my favourite colour - it was a good day.



March 2018

I have always wanted to see the Aurora dance across the sky, and in March 2018 I made that dream a reality. I rented a car with my dad in Polar Norway, and apart from seeing the Aurora three days in a row, we were also blessed with some amazing pink hues thanks for the cold weather.



August 2018

Throughout my life, I’ve been used to travelling with family or alone. I wanted to change that, so me and my childhood friend Christian planned a trip to the Italian Alps, better known as the Dolomites. We spent a week sleeping in a car seat, hiking every day and eating canned beans. One morning we woke up early and went to the top of the mountain pass Falzarego. We made coffee and listened to Bon Iver as the sun came up, and honestly there are few things I would rather do than that.