My Favourite Pictures of 2018

Being it is the end of the year, I took some time to look back at the pictures I captured and decided to compile 12 of my favourites here - enjoy!




This picture is shot in the middle of January when the cold winds hit Denmark. I was out for a walk with my dad, and I remember my lens not being able to focus properly because of the cold. I didn’t really shoot any pictures during the trip, until we were almost back at the car. The sun had just gone down, painting the sky to the east in a nice hue, allowing me to frame two people walking - I don’t think they knew each other.

JAN 4x5.jpg


This picture is actually shot from my bedroom in Copenhagen and is the perfect testament to my love for snow. I remember going around each day last year, checking the weather forecast to see if snow was going to fall, and when it finally did I woke up to the most amazing sight - warm rays of sun hitting my face and big snowflakes slowly falling from the sky.



I have always dreamed of seeing the northern lights dance across the sky, so I went on a short trip to polar Norway with my dad. Having booked tickets 6 months in advance, we had no idea of what to expect, but fortunately the weather panned out perfectly. The picture below is shot on our last night, where I went out alone listening to the (then) new single of Jon Hopkins: Emerald Rush - a perfect way to end off a trip.



The beauty of the Sakura alley in Bispebjerg Kirkegård, Copenhagen is no secret. It is absolutely crowded during the day, but you can be lucky to get the spot for yourself if you show up early. I have visited this spot for the past three years, and I always go on Monday morning (sunrise is at 06:30) since it is really close to where I live. This year I wanted to do something different, and as I had just invested in a drone this picture had been looming in my mind for some time - I am really happy how it turned out.

APRIL 4x5.jpg


Throughout the year I have went on a lot of smaller trips with my dad. In May we went to Præstø Fed, a place I have been more times than I can remember. We walked to the southernmost part of the peninsula, a place were few people go and after flying the drone around for a bit, we spotted a fox running around nearby. Eventually we found it’s den and after spectating for a bit, this little pup peeked out, allowing me to get really close - this picture is shot at 70mm and only slightly cropped.



Just about every Dane is familiar with Distortion Street Festival in one way or another by now. The event fill up the streets of Copenhagen with people, and if you are lucky the weather pans out as it did this year. I went as an official photographer for the festival, allowing me to capture some pictures I otherwise would have been unable to - I have a lot of favourites, but the picture below of Lunice playing the Red Bull Stage on Vesterbro has to be my favourite. You really had to be there, but he played a killer set just after sunset, allowing me not only to get some crazy pictures, but also learn a lot about how far I can push my camera.



Working in a camera-store, I sometimes get my hands on some crazy equipment. I wanted to capture the blood moon which was only visible on the evening of July 27th, so in the days leading up to the event I spent time trying to capture the (almost) full moon using a loaner Sigma 500mm f/4 mounted on my Sony. When the day finally came it was cloudy and I did not manage to capture the blood moon itself, but I am quite happy with the picture I managed to capture a few days before.

july 4x5.jpg


One of the more extensive trips I went on this past year was my 12 day trip to the Dolomites in August with my friend Christian. We rented a car in Milan and basically lived out of it for a week in the mountains. Despite terrible blisters (entirely my own fault), a parking ticket (not entirely my fault) and a stone impact in the front window (definitely not my fault), we had a great trip and I captured a lot of amazing pictures. The one below is shot on the trek around Tre Cime Di Lavaredo: A place I have seen in countless pictures and always wanted to see for myself. At this point of the journey, my blisters were at their worst but I fought my way around only slightly limping - making this picture extra special.



Not being able to travel as much as I would like, you do not pass up on the smaller trips out with the fam. This picture is literally how i picture my dad in my head, always with the binoculars looking for birds - but then again he probably pictures me behind a camera.

sep 4x5.jpg


No time to travel? Fine - use your day off to get up early and go to the woods! One early Wednesday morning I got up and decided to go to Dyrehaven - a large area of forest and plains north of Copenhagen. I wanted to go capture the first sun hitting the orange autumn leaves, but instead a thick fog shrouded the whole area in mystery - just my type of weather. Walking around the roads, this stag suddenly appeared in front of me - I had my 50mm on my camera and my 70-200mm in my bag, so I slowly sat down on the ground, cautiously changing the lens. The whole time the stag was just standing there, probably wondering what the hell I was doing, but I managed to get the shot - actually I would consider this day my single best day of photography of 2018 - you can check the rest of the pictures here.

oct 4x5.jpg


I have really come to enjoy concert photography, and this picture pretty much sums up why. Av Av Av played their (in)famous 360° show in Store Vega and I tagged along to capture some pictures. It was pretty much stroboscopic light for an hour, but at one point these spotlights lit up the whole venue in really pleasing colours, reminding me of Close Encounters of the Third Kind - with this in mind the triangle seems a bit suspicious…



Working in retail, December loses it charm a bit - angry customers and stressed out mums out for a last minute Christmas gift often affects you in a less than positive way. I shot almost no pictures this December, except on December 24, where the area around my mums house had magically turned into a winter wonderland. Taking the train there it was snowing, and walking around in the snow-covered woods I couldn’t stop smiling - I do not believe in Christmas miracles, but this almost qualifies as one.

dec 4x5.jpg

That’s it for now - have a safe transition in 2019 and see you next year. x