The Last Summer storm

As a kid I used to be scared of thunder and lightning, but ever since I started pursuing photography that has changed immensely. Now I find myself actively seeking it out, and one of my favourite activities is sitting in my window looking out when there is a storm. Late summer in Copenhagen often culminates in massive lightning storms, and on the last day of Summer - August 31 2019 - it went down in a big way.

I made it home just before the sky opened up, and as I sat in my window looking out I figured I wanted to try and capture some with my camera. My remote control had no battery though, and if you know a little bit about lightning photography it is that it’s pretty hard without this accessory. I tried anyway, and I ended up sitting in my window with my tripod for almost two hours, using a 30” shutter speed and turning the camera off right after each lightning strike. Even though this method is prone to camera shake I’d say I got some pretty remarkable shots - see below.